Artery Studios


Game Development Curse

Our latest in-house production. It is a first-person action/horror game. Click here.

Art Services Characters

concept, 2D pixel or 3D, lowpoly or highpoly, stylized or photoreal find out here.

Art Services Vehicles

Lowpoly or highpoly, has wheels or wings or sails, find out more.

Art Services Props/assets

highpoly or lowpoly props ranging from weapons to everyday items to large enviroment props. Find out more.

Game development PoraOra

Massively Multiplayer, Educational, Browser-based. Interested ? Click here.

Project The Witcher2

In this project we did placeable props and helped to LOD a large amount of the characters and NPCs. Click.
About Us


Artery Studios is an independent game developer and art provider company established in 2006 based in Budapest, Hungary.

With over 15 talented individuals in-house and over 20 well filtered contractors Artery is able to provide art and game development services of almost any scale.

Each member of our key staff has over 10 years of games industry experience, working for big and quality studios around the world. Experienced on almost every platform ranging from the Commodore Amiga to PS3/Xbox360 and iOS devices.

A proven track record, portfolio and client references ensures that clients don't take risks.

Check out our portfolio, Services and Testimonials before contacting us.

Tamas Bako / CEO